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Facebook Discrimination and Target is Waqar Zaka-Waqar Zaka Banned

Facebook Discrimination and Target is Waqar Zaka-Waqar Zaka Banned

Facebook no doubt is a well developed social network but now and then it does something silly that makes it a bit confusing for the users. Recently Facebook announced the LIVE Mid Roll ads and selected some people including Waqar Zaka of Pakistan to test the new feature. Now after checking, Facebook is neither replying nor giving any money that is earned by people.

About an hour before, Waqar Zaka faced a problem on his fan page on Facebook. He was covering the Champions trophy 2017 where today Pakistan Trashed England. He went Live to discuss this cricket tournament with his fans.

Let me Show you what Waqar Posted after he Faced this Problem :

Facebook never remove content against Islam but here Waqar Zaka’s live video stream was stopped just because he was taking LIVE calls where people were saying India will loose against Bangladesh and people were talking against India.. where’s the freedom?

India K against Waqar zaka Baat Kar raha tha abhi live calls mein toh usko profil se block krdiya,Anti-Islamic page hatay nahi hai chahe kitna bhi report krlo Aur cheezay hatay nahi hai 1 din k liye block krdiya live video se wah aur india se koi report krde toh foran action wah bhae What a Justice Facebook !


So he was blocked just by going LIVE and discussing cricket. The fans from Pakistan and India are really against each other so in this Live video, Fans from Pakistan were just saying that India will loose, which was just a freedom of thought and expression as anyone can say these words.

So my point or Waqar’s point here is that why all those pages and profiles which are spreading hatred and doing false things about ISLAM are not banned and Facebook blocks a LIVE video if its against Indian cricket team. That’s really racism at its peak.

So who ever is responsible for these actions, they should give it a second look and should do something about it. As Waqar Zaka is among the leading personalities in Pakistan who is doing so much of good stuff these days.

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