Waqar Zaka Latest Campaign Of Educating Youth About New Technology

Waqar Zaka Latest Campaign Of Educating Youth About New Technology

Well, Allegations and Scandals or many other bad things might come into your mind if you hear this name “WAQAR ZAKA”. To be honest, It is the truth that he has been one of those persons who is quite hated by many people and usually for no reason. People will say that we just don’t know why we hate him.


I have seen him for many years now like started watching him from his show LIVING ON THE EDGE and I quite liked him for his bravery and straight forwardness. So you can call him whatever you want but with this darker side of WAQAR ZAKA, there lies a very humble, helping and patriotic WAQAR ZAKA.

Today I will tell you how I came across this humble man and how I get to know about him. I started my YouTube channel Catchy Corner an year ago. So after sometime I came across a video where I saw WAQAR ZAKA helping people in Syria, I was really astonished as well as It made a big positive impression on me about him.

On that tour He asked everyone on Facebook to please translate his video is English so that people can know about the circumstances. As I was really impressed so I translated that video and added subtitles to it as per WAQAR’s instruction and posted it on YouTube. Here is that video : Waqar Zaka in syria 2017 (with English subtitles)


So then I started Following him on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This Ramzan I came to know about Bitcoin and I started searching on it. I was really surprised that most of the people doesn’t want to share more information about Bitcoins.

But I saw one man who was giving free information about bitcoins, and with that he was really trying to help people to earn something online. And that was non other than WAQAR ZAKA. This really made him more respectable in my eyes regardless of his darker side.

He daily comes Live on Facebook and share huge amount of information about new trends, technologies, cryptocurrency, education and many more. His Facebook page link is here : WAQAR ZAKA FACEBOOK.

Another achievement for Waqar Zaka in recent time is that he was selected among 50 people throughout the world for testing the new Facebook feature know as Facebook ads on LIVE videos. First artist to broadcast Monetized LIVE Facebook video. So its really a moment of pride for every Pakistani that a Pakistani start has been selected by Facebook and he is among 50 people around the globe.


So ending this article with an amazing intro of Waqar Zaka in Urdu, Also its his Cover photo on Facebook Page.


So don’t hate people for what they did or what they are doing, they wont stop if you hate them. Spread love and search good in everyone, this will make your life better.

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