Wed 10th May, 2017 will be The Receptionists Day.

Wed 10th May, 2017 will be The Receptionists Day.


This day(Receptionists Day) was first launched in 1991 in the US to appreciate the receptionists all over the US.

Whenever we go to any company or organization, the first person we face are these receptionists. So they have a big role in the company as they depicts the overall image of the company sitting in front of the main door.

This day is also very important to actually give them a sense of pride and honor so that they people understands the fact that its a very respected profession.

This day also gives the receptionists this opportunity to share their stories, ideas and link with other people and enjoy their stay in any company.

The day is usually celebrated on the second Wednesday of May each year. This year in 2017 it will be celebrated on May 10, 2017.

Most of the countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada etc are also celebrating it now.

As the founder of National Receptionists’ Day in the United States, I am delighted that this fantastic initiative is being celebrated and recognized in the UK though our partnership with Rapport.      

                                                Jennifer Alexander

                      National Receptionists Association


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