Lionel Messi Copy | What’s it like to be soccer superstar Lionel Messi?

Lionel Messi Copy | What’s it like to be soccer superstar Lionel Messi?

The 25 year old Iranian student exactly Barcelona Forward Lionel Messi. Ever since he has been able to realize his resemblance with Messi, He has been cutting his hair and beard same as Messi does.

The Iranian Reza Parastesh, has been so popular these days that people from different areas come across to take selfies with him.

Put him in Barcelona T-shirt and no one will recognize him as Reza Parastesh but will definitely be known as Messi.


He faced a funny incident in 2014 when his father kicked him out of the home and tell him not to come again. This was all because Lionel Messi scored a goal (in World Cup 2014)  against Iran that day.

He said in an interview to a local television that he was called by his father that day and his father said to him, the exact words are :

‘Don’t come back home tonight!’

after that he was so confused to see this situation and his father asked again :

‘Why did you score a goal against IRAN?’

Reza Parastesh replied:

‘That wasn’t me’

but as his father was too furious, he said

‘Just Don’t come back!’

Stay Tuned 🙂

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