Start Selling On Fiverr | How to Sell your first Gig?


Usually people make accounts and start making their profile on Fiverr. But as they enter Fiverr and see the environment, they are a bit disappointed. The disappointment is usually when you want to sell something.

First we make a gig according to our interest and skills, then we wait for orders. But in reality we get no orders even after months. There are certain reasons for that, the main reason is that you are new to this and your profile is not that much popular.

The profile is the best weapon on these websites. If you are having a strong profile with different skills and good rating, you are likely to get orders. Thus you have to first make a good profile.

The question arises that how will I make a good Profile if I cant even get my first order?

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The answer contains some points :

  • One way is to make videos about your gig and put it on the major video sharing sites. YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc…
  • Everyone has to start with no reputation. You just have to build yours from scratch. You have to start somewhere. Adjust your tags to get maximum exposure. Some markets in Fiverr are already saturated so to get some of that Organic Fiverr traffic, it all depends on many factors.
  • As in previous point, Tagging is the most important thing so to focus on it, I am again discussing it in this point as well. Make meaningful and relevant tags that will surely increase your views.
  • Perhaps you can get a friend to order your gig and rate you. That way, you will have at least one gig.
  • Also, you need to have several gigs up. Each in a separate area. Try to get at least nine. Well, this is to increase your exposure.
  • Fiverr has sub categories now. Look for one that is not crowded and jump in.
  • I have found that I cannot depend on Fiverr to get me some gigs. The traffic is just too low, so you should create a web site and optimize it for your keywords and then point to your FIVERR gig.
  • Some further tricks and points are  :
    1. Use your main keyword in your title.

    2. Also use your keyword twice in the gig description.

    3. Start your gig description with your main keyword.

    4. Put proper tags for your gig.

    5. Add a video to your gig.

    6. mention the name Fiverr in your gig description.For example If you are offering logo design on fiverr then Put a statement Like this:”Exclusive Logo Design Gig Only on Fiverr”.

    7. Offer a money back guarantee-By this way you can gain more credibility.

Any Questions? Suggestions? Ideas? please share with us by commenting below 🙂
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