What will you do if you fall?

What will you do if you fall?

I had recently started blogging with a lot of determination, and i hope so to find a way towards success. Success is always in our hand but i think we never struggle for it. I usually see people on internet who are always in search of shortcuts to achieve their goals. And if you ask about their goals, 85% of them will answer that their ultimate goal is money. Well to be honest we all want success, we all want money but the question is that how to get it? I personally think that without passion, without determination and faith in yourself can never help you to achieve your goals. So the main idea of my first post on WordPress is that don’t always go for your goals in an easier way or don’t use shortcuts. I know shortcuts helps but not always. Money is always the ultimate goal but do something interesting and unique to be recognized. Don’t lose hope and you will be successful person.

People at the beginning, when work for their goals, usually struggle a lot. They fail many times and lose hope. Well i have a question for you:

What will you do if you fall?

Almost everyone will say to get up again as quickly as possible isn’t it?

But is getting up easy all the time ?
Is it really possible to get up at any moment in your life when you fall?
I will tell you the reality that sometimes in life when you fall, it is too difficult to get up again and you feel like you don’t have the strength to get back up. We always put a mask on our face and pretend that everything is okay but actually its not. And then you go back home, lay down in your bed and think of that fear, fear about your home maybe, about your future or anything that scares you or maybe you think about people that what will they say about you.
Does that fear paralyze you?
I will ask you a question today, think over it, Do you even have any hope?
because i tell you we are all down here facing our problems and falling daily. But hiding from it or ignoring it is not the solution. You have to get back and fight, its not impossible.
If i am doing something and i fail a 100 times, and i give up.. Do you think, i am gonna get up again? Do you think i am gonna make it? NO. but if i try again and again and again, as long as i try, there’s a chance to get up and make it right. Its not the END, until you have given up. And when you try and think that there is a chance to do it again, then there is always hope.
I am not here to tell you that i understand your pain, but i know how it feels to have a broken heart. And how it feels to be alone.
Failing doesn’t mean its the END.
If you never failed, you never lived.
Try your best and you will have the reward.
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