Rishi Kapoor Tweet Controversy-Pakistani Replied in a Strong way

Rishi Kapoor Tweet Controversy-Pakistani Replied in a Strong way

Rishi Kapoor, a famous Bollywood Actor has been involved in some controversial tweets. He tweeted some really offensive tweets about Pakistan as the Champions Trophy Final 2017 is going to be played among Pakistan and India.

Some of his tweets are :

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So these tweets were something that really were hurting every Pakistani. But soon after these tweets Pakistani actors, TV stars, Singers, Politicians, everyone stood up and raised their voices against this bullshit. We Pakistani will never tolerate such things, we are peace loving people and we want peace and love.

Some of the tweets and responses from Pakistan are :

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More responses from Pakistan can be seen here : Response Of Pakistan / Pakistan Reply To Rishi Kapoor

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Waqar Zaka’s New Campaign About Technology

Waqar Zaka’s New Campaign About Technology

Waqar Zaka, a well known TV star has recently been involved in a very exciting yet new concept of educating people through Facebook and other social media about technology. He is very involved in educating the youth about How to earn money online. He suggested many ways about earning money online.

Another trending topic, Cryptocurrency, is also been in his education campaign where he is making people aware of these terminologies as well as the efficient use of it.

I really recommend you to follow Waqar Zaka on Facebook ( WAQAR ZAKA ) to see whats actually he is doing. He is also doing many charity work. He had visited Syria as well to help people there as well.

So overall if we see, this campaign has been a real source of education about new technologies and terminologies. People around the world is praising waqar zaka for this amazing new campaign.

Go and join him today at 11:pm (PST) on 17th of June 2017, on his Facebook page : waqar zaka 

Donate now here : Waqar Zaka Donation



Pakistan Vs India Final Champions Trophy 2017-Where is it?-When is Pakistan vs India Final-Which Channel? What is the weather forecast?

Pakistan Vs India Final Champions Trophy 2017-Where is it?-When is Pakistan vs India Final-Which Channel? What is the weather forecast?

India, after comfortably winning the semi final against Bangladesh, to take on Pakistan in the Final of the Champions Trophy 2017. They had already faced each other in the group stages where Pakistan was beaten by 124 runs. Well after that Pakistan have came back strongly beating South Africa, Srilanka and the favorites of this year Champions Trophy, England and now are in the Finals for the first time in Champions Trophy history.

Watch Famous Reviews by Famous personalities on Pakistan vs India Final :

Pakistan vs India Final – Famous Personalities Reviews


An amazing encounter it will be for sure as every fan is waiting to witness this Clash between Pakistan and India.

What is it?

It is the Final of a Cricket event known as Champions Trophy held by International Cricket Council (ICC).


Where is it?

This Final will be played on the famous ground in London called the Oval.


When is it?

The match is on Sunday, 18th of June 2017.

Which Time will it start?

The toss will be at 10:00 am and the match will be started at exactly 10:30 am.

What is the Weather Forecast?

Most of the matches of this year Champions Trophy had been interrupted by rain, thus weather has been an issue throughout this tournament. Australia were really unlucky as 2 of their 3 matches were interrupted by rain.

But the weather boy says that this week the sun is out for most the time and we will have a good sunny day on Sunday and a very little chance of rain ( 28 degree C ).

Where can I watch it?

Sky Sports 2, PTV Sports and Tensports will cover the match LIVE.

You can also watch the live updates on Cricbuzz and Cricinfo.

Who will win? Vote here

Stay Tuned For More Interesting News And Gossips.


Facebook Discrimination and Target is Waqar Zaka-Waqar Zaka Banned

Facebook Discrimination and Target is Waqar Zaka-Waqar Zaka Banned

Facebook no doubt is a well developed social network but now and then it does something silly that makes it a bit confusing for the users. Recently Facebook announced the LIVE Mid Roll ads and selected some people including Waqar Zaka of Pakistan to test the new feature. Now after checking, Facebook is neither replying nor giving any money that is earned by people.

About an hour before, Waqar Zaka faced a problem on his fan page on Facebook. He was covering the Champions trophy 2017 where today Pakistan Trashed England. He went Live to discuss this cricket tournament with his fans.

Let me Show you what Waqar Posted after he Faced this Problem :

Facebook never remove content against Islam but here Waqar Zaka’s live video stream was stopped just because he was taking LIVE calls where people were saying India will loose against Bangladesh and people were talking against India.. where’s the freedom?

India K against Waqar zaka Baat Kar raha tha abhi live calls mein toh usko profil se block krdiya,Anti-Islamic page hatay nahi hai chahe kitna bhi report krlo Aur cheezay hatay nahi hai 1 din k liye block krdiya live video se wah aur india se koi report krde toh foran action wah bhae What a Justice Facebook !


So he was blocked just by going LIVE and discussing cricket. The fans from Pakistan and India are really against each other so in this Live video, Fans from Pakistan were just saying that India will loose, which was just a freedom of thought and expression as anyone can say these words.

So my point or Waqar’s point here is that why all those pages and profiles which are spreading hatred and doing false things about ISLAM are not banned and Facebook blocks a LIVE video if its against Indian cricket team. That’s really racism at its peak.

So who ever is responsible for these actions, they should give it a second look and should do something about it. As Waqar Zaka is among the leading personalities in Pakistan who is doing so much of good stuff these days.

Waqar Zaka’s Amazing Yet Funny Reply To Facebook on Live Mid Roll Ads


Waqar Zaka Latest Campaign Of Educating Youth About New Technology


8th Ranked Pakistan Demolished England in Semi Final of Champions Trophy 2017



8th Ranked Pakistan Demolished England in Semi Final of Champions Trophy 2017

8th Ranked Pakistan Demolished England in Semi Final of Champions Trophy 2017

Well well well, Who would think of such a performance from the Pakistani Team that consists usually of youngsters like Hasan Ali, Shadab Khan, Fakhar Zaman, Debutent Rumman Raees, Babar azam, Imad Wasim and with that a new captain Sarfraz Ahmed.

They literally thrashed the England Cricket Team and won the big semi final in Champions Trophy 2017. A very ordinary performance from England. Pakistan restricted them to just 211 runs in 49.5 overs as they were bowled out.

Yet again the Pakistani bowlers have shown temperament and skills. They were bowling the right areas as well as taking wickets at the right time. Sarfraz Ahmed was also very intelligently changing the bowlers around and not giving any sort of comfort to the English Batsman.


After the defeat against the Mighty Indians, No one was really hoping that this Pakistani team will come this far in the tournament. But they are unexpectedly now in the Finals of the Champions Trophy 2017.

Her is what happened in the match, England Batting First was troubled by the Pakistani pacers and spinners. England got a good start but later on in the middle overs after getting the wicket of Joe Root by Shadab khan, the momentum shifted towards Pakistan and they were back in the game courtesy Hasan Ali and Junaid Khan. England posted a total of 211 after they were bowled out in the last over.

Ben stokes played an interesting innings facing 64 deliveries for just 34 runs and not even managing to score a single boundary. Lets look at the Score card of the England Innings :

england innings

An easy task for the Pakistani Batsman, but as we know Pakistan on their day can be very sloppy, but they held their nerves. It was again the young Fakhar Zaman who provided an amazing start with Azhar Ali also clicking today, Both were involved in a 118 partnership after Fakhar Zaman was out stumped on Adil Rashid Googly. Here is the Scorecard of Pakistan Innings :

pakistan innings

Hasan Ali was the star of the show with the ball and is named Man of the Match:

“It’s a big match, so we focused on our bowling. [Improvements after India game?] My coach Azhar Mahmmod helped me a lot, he gave me the plan and I implemented it. [Prize wicket?] Morgan. Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday and I dedicate this to him.”

After the defeat Eoin Morgan said :

“One thing we didn’t do was adapt to conditions, coming from Edgbaston to a used wicket, Pakistan did that well and played better. We did prepare, Pakistan bowled well but we didn’t adjust and 200 isn’t competitive, 250-270 would be a good score. [Used pitch in semi-final] It’s a test… There wasn’t [too much wrong]. We bowled okay but 200 was well under par. We continue to learn, everything we did was calculated, but Pakistan had played on the wicket previously and that helped. You have to adapt in knockout cricket, so it’s an important lesson.”

And Sarfaraz views were :

“We bowled very well and after that the batting was good too. Mohammad Amir wasn’t playing but Raees came in and did well. We elected to bowl and chase again [which worked]. After India, every game was a knockout game, I said to the players to just play your game. [India rematch in the final?] Both teams are playing well, so we will play whoever gets through. [Hasan performance?] He’s very impressive, hopefully he will do that in the final. Whenever he comes on he’s getting wickets.”

Here are some of the Tweets by Famous personalities :


So with the Tag of Unpredictability, Pakistan is going to the Final to face India or Bangladesh. And who knows if 18th June again becomes the Pakistan’s day, they might show a really good fight in the Final as well. So lets hope that the Final will be an amazing Encounter.

Till then Take care.

Stats and links Courtesy Cricinfo

Waqar Zaka’s Amazing Yet Funny Reply To Facebook on Live Mid Roll Ads

Waqar Zaka Latest Campaign Of Educating Youth About New Technology

Waqar Zaka’s Amazing Yet Funny Reply To Facebook on Live Mid Roll Ads

Waqar Zaka’s Amazing Yet Funny Reply To Facebook on Live Mid Roll Ads

Live mid roll ads is an amazing new feature of Facebook through which we can see ads in between the live streamed videos. Facebook recently issued this saying that they are testing it in US. But a Pakistani TV star Waqar zaka was recently selected among 50 best people around the world to test this new feature.

Now the issue is that Facebook is not even giving any information regarding this new feature and not even paying to those who are earning from these ads. Waqar Zaka latest video clearly showed how he is earning and what is the reason behind his selection for this feature.

He, in a funny way, asked “Mark uncle” (Mark Zuckerberg) that why they are not giving any information about this feature. Waqar Zaka is testing this feature since March 2017 and has passed $100 way back in April 2017, even then Facebook is not ready to give him his earned money.

Waqar Zaka is really suffering with this issue and this is what he said about this issue on his Facebook Page: Waqar Zaka Video Link to Facebook

“Step wise guide how you can Faceboom is fooling us but claiming they will pay if we test their LIVE mid Roll ads .
Facebook made me the first person to Earn from LIVE Ads but they are just playing around, Learn more Suffer less.



Any one can earn from this Live Mid Roll Ads if they have at least 2000 followers on Facebook and at least 300 or more concurrent views on live streaming. Go to Waqar zaka’s Facebook Page to learn more about earning through Facebook Live Mid Roll Ads.

To be honest it is really disgusting, that how we trust Facebook for their reliability and security and still they are doing such things. This could make a negative impact. Anyway as a Pakistani its an amazing pride moment that our very own Waqar Zaka is selected before any other Arab country, before an individual from INDIA etc.

Lets hope that this new feature will be beneficial for many people and Waqar zaka will get reward for his amazing hard work.

Don’t Forget that Waqar Zaka is also involved in many other social works. He is raising funds for charity and doing amazing work through Facebook education as well as personally visiting the affected people.


You can visit his website and DONATE for this amazing cause :

Waqar Zaka Foundation : waqarzaka.net

For Donations : Donate Now To help Waqar Zaka with this amazing cause

On my last article about “Bitcoin education given by Waqar zaka on Facebook” I recieved a very kind response From Waqar Zaka which motivated me to write more about this amazing star.

On Twitter : Waqar Zaka Response On Previous Article


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Stay positive, Spread Love and Help Everyone.

Waqar Zaka Latest Campaign Of Educating Youth About New Technology

How can I increase traffic on my developer’s blog?

Waqar Zaka Latest Campaign Of Educating Youth About New Technology

Waqar Zaka Latest Campaign Of Educating Youth About New Technology

Well, Allegations and Scandals or many other bad things might come into your mind if you hear this name “WAQAR ZAKA”. To be honest, It is the truth that he has been one of those persons who is quite hated by many people and usually for no reason. People will say that we just don’t know why we hate him.


I have seen him for many years now like started watching him from his show LIVING ON THE EDGE and I quite liked him for his bravery and straight forwardness. So you can call him whatever you want but with this darker side of WAQAR ZAKA, there lies a very humble, helping and patriotic WAQAR ZAKA.

Today I will tell you how I came across this humble man and how I get to know about him. I started my YouTube channel Catchy Corner an year ago. So after sometime I came across a video where I saw WAQAR ZAKA helping people in Syria, I was really astonished as well as It made a big positive impression on me about him.

On that tour He asked everyone on Facebook to please translate his video is English so that people can know about the circumstances. As I was really impressed so I translated that video and added subtitles to it as per WAQAR’s instruction and posted it on YouTube. Here is that video : Waqar Zaka in syria 2017 (with English subtitles)


So then I started Following him on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This Ramzan I came to know about Bitcoin and I started searching on it. I was really surprised that most of the people doesn’t want to share more information about Bitcoins.

But I saw one man who was giving free information about bitcoins, and with that he was really trying to help people to earn something online. And that was non other than WAQAR ZAKA. This really made him more respectable in my eyes regardless of his darker side.

He daily comes Live on Facebook and share huge amount of information about new trends, technologies, cryptocurrency, education and many more. His Facebook page link is here : WAQAR ZAKA FACEBOOK.

Another achievement for Waqar Zaka in recent time is that he was selected among 50 people throughout the world for testing the new Facebook feature know as Facebook ads on LIVE videos. First artist to broadcast Monetized LIVE Facebook video. So its really a moment of pride for every Pakistani that a Pakistani start has been selected by Facebook and he is among 50 people around the globe.


So ending this article with an amazing intro of Waqar Zaka in Urdu, Also its his Cover photo on Facebook Page.


So don’t hate people for what they did or what they are doing, they wont stop if you hate them. Spread love and search good in everyone, this will make your life better.

How can I increase traffic on my developer’s blog?

Lionel Messi Copy | What’s it like to be soccer superstar Lionel Messi?


Is it good for SEO if I write my post’s title in English while the post’s content is in another language?

Is it good for SEO if I write my post’s title in English while the post’s content is in another language?

This was a Question on Quora.com.

Here is the link to that question : Question and Its answer

Answer by Catchy Corner:

Well sir, it depends on the title. Its always useful when you use different languages. But depends what language and what translation you use.

First search for the keywords and don’t use the direct translation of that title or word. Use the most Frequent translation used.

  1. First step should always be the keyword research to identify the potential market as well as to show levels of competition.
  2. Ask natives to translate it for you and see what they actually use.
  3. Now when you get the desire translation, go and search for different keywords, like which translation people usually uses.
  4. Read this article and you will get to know more about this :
    Secrets of SEO Success in Other Languages
  5. So, using different languages can be really useful for SEO.

Thank you.

Blog : Catchy Corner


How can I increase traffic on my developer’s blog?

How can I increase traffic on my developer’s blog?

This was a Question on Quora.com.

Here is the link to that question : Question and Its answer

How can I increase traffic on my developer’s blog? by Catchy Corner

Answer by Catchy Corner:

Well its not to easy to drive traffic to your website in lesser time but if you strive for it, you can do it in a month or so: How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog

Some basic steps or techniques that are different from others are :

  1. Back-links : Use back-links or simply share the source from where you are getting help for any particular post. its the best way to rank up your blog on Google.
  2. Email : After that, email that author whose post you shared and let him know that you shared his post and you like his work. Tell him to share this on his blog.
  3. You and I : Interact with your reader by using YOU and I type words so that the reader is a bit interested.
  4. Ask Question : Ask a question in the end of every post so that people answer it in comments and then be polite while replying to them.
  5. You can check more tips and tricks here : How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog

How can I increase traffic on my developer’s blog?

Dfb Pokal Finale 2017

Dfb Pokal Finale 2017

We are all set to notice an amazing encounter of the German Football Cup Competition. The Finale will be live just almost 5 hours from now. It will be played on 27 May 2017 at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. The two Giants for this Finals are:

Eintracht Frankfurt, in their first final since 2006, will face Borussia Dortmund, the runners-up in the previous three finals.

The winner of this cup will host the 2017 edition of the DFL-Supercup and will face the champion of the 2016–17 edition of the Bundesliga.


Also the winner of this DFB Pokal wil get an automatic qualification for the 2017–18 edition of the UEFA Europa League.

So overall an amazing encounter between the two teams will lead to an amazing end to this Cup. Lets hope the better among both teams wins the final.

Vote For Your Team

The Road To The Final

This is how both teams came to the final of this cup.

Eintracht Frankfurt Round Borussia Dortmund
Opponent Result 2016–17 DFB-Pokal Opponent Result
1. FC Magdeburg (A) 1–1 (4–3 p) Round 1 Eintracht Trier (A) 3–0
FC Ingolstadt (H) 0–0 (4–1 p) Round 2 Union Berlin (H) 1–1 (3–0 p)
Hannover 96 (A) 2–1 Round of 16 Hertha BSC (H) 1–1 (3–2 p)
Arminia Bielefeld (H) 1–0 Quarter-finals Sportfreunde Lotte (A) 3–0
Borussia Mönchengladbach (A) 1–1 (7–6 p) Semi-finals Bayern Munich (A) 3–2

German (source)

Auf einen Blick

Was: DFB-Pokalfinale in Berlin 2017
Wann: Samstag, 27. Mai 2017
Wann genau: Anpfiff ist um 20 Uhr, das Stadion öffnet um 17 Uhr
Wo: Olympiastadion

cup w